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Hotels with wifi...

     So you want a hotel with wifi. That would be all of them by now! What you really need is a hotel with a functioning, safe, usable speed wifi connection.


The Worst of the worst

motel 6

  Our experience has been that Motel 6 is the worst of the worst. Some have no wifi at all, most of the rest have terrible coverage that's limited to just a few rooms, most charge a daily fee, with only a few available slots. So if you check in in the evening, they may be sold out and you won't have any access even though they advertise "wi-fi available".

Little better

super8  Our experience is that Super 8's are mostly franchised and turnover is frequent. So the internet access is undependable. In addition, some of them have no password required, which makes the connection extremely easy to hack into. Recommend you call ahead and verify a password is required, and ask how often it's changed.




Much better

You get what you pay for, usually. National chains that don't franchise or actually monitor the ones they do generally offer a major step up in quality of internet access.


unhappy face

Absolutely, NOT SAFE at any speed!

   But having said that, you wouldn't be reading this if you weren't planning on using public wifi spots. So here's a few ideas on how to lessen your risks:
If just accessing sites with no login required and no personal info will be entered...

If you must access anything using any of your passwords, do the following in addition to the steps above:


Everyone want's fast. Problem is, all public hotspots are basically shared access. That means the more people log on, the slower it gets for everyone. Another problem is the strength of the wifi signal. Some ideas for increasing your speed:


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